Drawing Explained: Mirror of mine

For the Reflecting on the mirror post, I made a featured drawing. I just want to share the rational that is hidden behind the (simplistic) drawing.

Mirror of Mine by Calvin Edgarson
Mirror of Mine

The individual is looking at himself in the mirror as this was the scenario depicted in Mudvayne’s song “Shadow of a man”. In this song, an individual questions and struggles with the identity of the person in the mirror. I wanted to illustrate two points in this drawing.

First, I wanted to depict the same questions through this drawing, as the individual staring in the mirror on the wall seems to be the same person. The hair and shirt looks the same. But observe closely. The hair seems identical, but isn’t the mirror supposed to show an incorrect symmetrical reflection? Why is the individual’s hair not correctly drawn in the mirror? Is it really only a reflection? Is it a mirror or another world?

Second, we clearly see that there is a nail through the individual’s chest. It is there, but it is not seen in the mirror. This illustrates the stinging struggle that one may have on reflecting an image that is not really oneself, but an expected version of oneself. Hence, it wishes not to be seen in the mirror. It stay’s below, hidden from sight, to reflect only how we want others to see us, and how we force us to see ourselves according to societal norms.

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