Do we see blindness?

Drowned in a crowd of masks obsessed with the reflection of an imaginary mirror. But when the masks are taken off, the face remains the same. Failing to break the mirror.

Behind the mask the vanity remains. The greed, the every need for that look in the mirror. The wanting of judging others.

To enjoy the comptent unless it turns around. To judge what is best for others, to condemn what you do not know. Or want to know.

If it’s pointless it may as well end, but it lingers on. It is what it is.


No more of this, it’s all a charade. To think and to torture, let’s just pass the mind and do as pleased for there are no real consequences for the self. Only the whole. And we forgot about it a long time ago. But I for one, am one. And so are you.

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